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Our commitment

Quality redefined.
Laurette is committed to providing excellence and sophistication to every customer. From our bespoke and sustainable packaging to our handcrafted creations, quality can be found across the entire Laurette brand.


Every single ingredient finds its origin within Europe, ensuring its quality through rigorous testing and a careful selection process of the purest raw materials. Only those ingredients that meet our highest quality standards are refined in our formulas. One of the many examples includes the use of essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances. We believe in the beauty of mother nature and wish to enrich your life with the wonderful natural fragrances she has to offer. Carefully harvesting these raw materials is an art on its own. Contrary to creating synthetic fragrances, crafting essential oils is a delicate process that requires time and skill.


The handmade craftsmanship is a process that consumes a lot of time and resources to create the perfect product. Not only our products but also their packaging is meticulously crafted in our atelier, like the custom aluminum decoration on our Liquid Silk Bath Foam bottles or the pearlescent coating on our Skin Softening Soap Bar. Every facet of creating our products is carefully done by hand.


Our products are not only delivering a unique experience. They are also designed with the planet in mind. Building on our vision of a short supply chain, we aim to considerably reduce our carbon footprint by working closely with local suppliers of raw materials to minimize our impact on the environment. This is partially achieved by our packaging, which is manufactured locally to drastically reduce transport emissions to preserve our planet.


It might be tempting to buy cheap products but that can turn out to be a regretful decision when harm is caused to your body, through the use of chemical fragrances or with cheap ingredients that severely lack quality and the absence of rigorous testing. Quality craftsmanship, premium materials, and handcrafted decoration are nowhere to be found in cheap products. Only genuine Laurette products possess these skillfully manufactured qualities that a Laurette customer deserves. Other products are unlikely to possess these authentic qualities that are associated with Laurette.
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