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Skin Care

Reveal your skin’s natural glow


New Arrivals


Pamper your skin with our new organic skin care products
Suited for all skin types

Laurette Pharma


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Laurette Pharma is exclusively available for pharmacies. Experience our Laurette Pharma Body Wash at a pharmacy near you.

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Why Laurette is good for your skin

Switch to an all-natural self-care routine.

Protect your skin


Avoid irritation, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin concerns with our nourishing products.
Dermatologically tested | Parfum-Free
Sulphate- & Paraben-Free



Save more and use less with our concentrated formulas.
Did you know our 100% natural products are not more expensive that ‘that cheaper’ shower gel at the supermarket or beauty salon?

Truly natural


Caring for the people and the planet
All of our raw materials come from natural origin, meaning our products are 100% natural. Not 90% or 95% but 100% natural.

Zero waste


We went the extra mile to protect our planet with our recycled and reusable packaging.
Trade in your empties
Give your keepsake box a second life

Gentle to everyone


Our bath products are not only fun and colorful, they also protect the skin of your beloved little ones.
Discover our Classic Bath Bombs with a surprise inside
Natural colors for a lot of fun during bath time

Our Ingredients

100% natural, clinically proven, and effective for the best results.

Essential Oils

Pure plant extracts


Essential oils have calming, anti-microbial, and soothing capabilities. They are our chosen natural alternative to synthetic parfum.
Sustainably harvested at local farms in Europe.

Sunflower Oil



Sunflower oil contains a high percentage of oleic acid. It is hypoallergenic and soothes skin irritation. It’s natural compounds rejuvenate the skin.

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Create your self-care ritual


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