Pairi Daiza



Depart on a journey to the enchanted kingdom

Laurette x Pairi Daiza

The Pairi Daiza Collection is a unique collaboration between Laurette and Pairi Daiza. Bring a piece of the breathtaking animal kingdom inside your home with our natural products infused with essential oils. You can also find our limited edition products at the Pairi Daiza Resort during your magnificent stay at the park.

You can make a difference to…

protect endangered species

Each species, animal or plant, represents an irreplaceable heritage but also a key link in an ecosystem.


preserve habitats

Many ecosystems are threatened by human activities. It is our responsibility to protect environments that have been weakened by human intervention.


support scientific research

In addition to conservation and education objectives, the presence of animals in wildlife parks should also be synonymous with scientific advances that benefit endangered species.


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