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Laurette Pharma

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Laurette Pharma is a specialized collection containing personal care products that are designed to nourish and protect the skin barrier. Our formulas are skin-ph friendly, dermatologically tested, and approved for dry, sensitive and normal skin types.
One bottle of 550 ml last for one year (455 washes per bottle).

Essential Oils

Nature’s finest essences

Every product contains a delicate infusion of the purest essential oils. The oils are extracted from plants or flowers, preserving their antioxidants and beneficial properties. Every essential oil is ethically sourced from the EU, ensuring its quality and purity. Essential oils give our products a divine natural scent and wash of color.

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Detergent-Free | Parfum-Free | Sulphate- & Paraben-Free

Organic Sunflower Oil

Our body wash is made from organic sunflower oil. A plant oil filled with natural fatty acids and vitamins that protect the skin barrier. Ethically sourced from Eastern Europe. We do not use synthetic foaming detergents as excessive foam can have a drying effect on the skin. Common detergents like SLS and SLES also cause unwanted skin irritations after prolonged use. Using a natural oil as a base will keep your skin hydrated, while still providing a decent amount of creamy bubbles.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the extracts of a fruit or plant. They are sourced from within Europe and give a natural aroma to our products. Parfum on the other hand is made in a lab. Even though they smell amazing, parfum may have a negative effect on your skin. Each year the EU bans hundreds of chemical substances (including fragrance components) that are proven to be toxic. Parfum may cause issues from severe skin irritation to toxic reproductive toxicity. Parfum is a broad term so consumers never know if the substances behind it are considered safe. Choosing products with essential oils has the big advantage of being transparent. On the ingredient list you see every single component listed. Even possible allergens are listed to make sure your are well informed before trying a new product.

Natural Zinc and Iron Oxide

Our body wash contains zinc and iron oxides. These natural pigments have UV-absorbing properties. Most natural oils will change with UV-light. Adding UV-absorbing natural pigments keeps our body wash stable and also provides protection against sunray-damage.

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