About Us


The creation of three eternal stars

Laurette was born from three stars, each resembling an important pillar on which our brand was founded. We want to encourage you to discover the beauty of mother nature’s purest plant oils, minerals, and extracts. Our mission is to provide you with natural products of unrivaled quality all while respecting the environment and remaining a sustainable company. Every product is the embodiment of our three sacred values and seeks to deliver a wonderful experience like no other. Clean, colorful and cruelty-free.
The first star. Sharp edges and curved borders. Forging a product with sophistication and refinement. Premium quality products that meet the industry’s highest standards.
The second star. An explosion of endless imagination. The main driving force of Laurette. Continuously searching for new experiences. Embedded in every single creation.
Giving Back
The third star. Of utmost importance. Its shadow, the embodiment of a positive impact on the world. The virtue of giving back. The brightest star with a heart of gold.

Beyond Laurette


A rising standard for the cosmetics industry. At Laurette, we strive to deliver clean products made from natural origin. We do not use synthetic materials such as fragrances as they lack transparency of what’s inside this material. We also follow the world’s highest standards regarding product quality and safety. In Europe, over 1300+ controversial ingredients are banned, ensuring a higher safety and quality standard than anywhere in the world. Ingredients such as SLS, parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, are gone forever.


We admire our most valuable resource, our home, planet earth. At Laurette, we conduct extensive research to ensure both our raw materials and packaging is produced and manufactured in a sustainable and ethical matter. We encourage environmental thoughtfulness among our partners during the harvesting and processing of our raw materials.
Even after our product’s lifetime, sustainability is visible as we encourage our customers to reuse and recycle our luxury keepsake boxes and bottles. Furthermore, partnering up with local suppliers helped us shorten our supply chain and to reduce our carbon footprint to preserve our living ecosystem.

Ethical and transparent

We invest considerable time in tracing where our raw materials come from to make sure they are sourced and processed in a responsible way. This does not only apply to our ingredients but also to our packaging, which is made from FSC-certified sources.
Most importantly, we carefully select ingredients that meet our highest standards and have proven to be beneficial to the skin. For that reason, we do not use synthetic substances such as fragrances and microplastics as they lack transparency and may cause environmental harm over longer periods of time.

Cruelty-Free & Vegan

We stand by the industry’s highest standards. This also includes the ban on animal testing. All our products are handcrafted with nutrient-rich ingredients that are not tested on animals. We do not sell our products in countries where animal testing is required.
Building on our sustainable vision, we replaced animal byproducts with plant-derived alternatives. Our planet provides for us and we make efforts to give back and support its well-being. We excel in sourcing natural raw materials that are organic and/or harvested from fair-trade organizations. Ingredients such as honey, carmine, lanolin, or silk are not present in our formulas.

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